2016 CSURP Fellows

2016 CSURP Fellows

Alexander Warren

Host Institution : Emory University

Undergraduate Institution: American River College

Alex is majoring in chemical engineering. He will be transferring to either UC Santa Barbara or UC Berkeley in the fall of 2016 to finish his undergraduate in chemical engineering. After, he hopes to obtain a Master’s in Engineering and Business Administration.




Winstom Odom

Host Institution : Emory University

Undergraduate Institution: Morehouse College
In summer 2015 he conducted research at Emory University in Professor Huw Davies’s Lab with his Morehouse Research Advisor Brian Lawrence, Ph.D. This summer continues to work finding new methods to synthesize triazoles in the Rh2 catalyzed cyclopropanation of terminal olefins, such as styrene. This exploration can possibly lead to discovery of drugs that cure cocaine addiction and neuropathic pain. His long-term goal is to get a Ph.D with a focus on Dermatology. His life would be dedicated to discovering drugs to help cure skin diseases such as lupus, eczema and psoriasis.



William Kayitare

Host Institution : University of California, Berkeley

Undergraduate Institution:Jackson State University

William Kayitare is a rising senior at Jackson State University, majoring in Chemistry. He has a keen interest in polymer science and plans to pursue a research career in that field. He enjoys playing basketball and listening to music as well as playing his guitar. He is a native of Rwanda and moved to his current residence of Pittsburg, PA at the age of seventeen.



Noelle Olson

Host Institution : University of Michigan

Undergraduate Institution: St. Olaf College






Brittany Lee

Host Institution : Emory University

Undergraduate Institution: Dalton State College

Brittany Lee is a chemistry major in Dalton State College. She has an outgoing personality, and likes conducting club events on campus and hiking on local trails.




Marilyn Ndukwe

Host Institution : Georgia Institute of Technology

Undergraduate Institution: Xavier University of Louisiana

Marilyn Ndukwe is a Junior Chemistry Major at Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans, LA. She originally comes from a small commercial city in Southeastern Nigeria called Aba. After graduation she hopes to attend medical school and become an anesthesiologist. To work towards her dreams, she intends to get involved in medicinal chemistry research.




Caria Evans

Host Institution : Georgia Institute of Technology

Undergraduate Institution: University of Georgia

Caria Evans is a Georgia native. She is a Chemistry major at the University of Georgia. For the past five years, she has been conducting research.





Gina Ouellette

Host Institution : University of Washington

Undergraduate Institution: Pacific University

Gina Ouellette is a rising senior at Pacific University, where she studies chemistry. She hopes to use her knowledge of science to research development of treatments for diseases and pathogens. While not studying, Gina works as a Resident Assistant and dances as member of the school’s dance ensemble. She’s excited for the opportunities the CSURP program will provide!



Amanda Bischoff

Host Institution : University of Utah 

Undergraduate Institution: University of Utah 

Amanda originally started undergraduate with a premed focus, but I fell in love with organic chemistry first year of college. She then decided to pursue organic chemistry since then.  She has been in Prof. Matthew Sigman’s lab since 2012, but from 2013 to 2015 took a few years off of school to do service work in Romania and Moldova.  She loves living in the mountains and enjoy running, biking, hiking, and skiing.  I also enjoy playing the piano or curling up with a good book.

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