2017 CSURP Fellows

2017 CSURP Fellows

Bria GarciaBria Garcia

Host Institution : University of Wisconsin at Madison – Berry Group

Undergraduate Institution: Lincoln University of Pennsylvania

Bria Garcia is from Bowie, Maryland. She is a rising junior, double majoring in Chemistry and Spanish. She enjoys doing yoga and playing soccer.



Harris_NataliaNatalia Harris

Host Institution : University of Michigan – Sherman Lab

Undergraduate Institution: State University of New York at Geneseo

Natalia is going into my Junior year at the State University of New York at Geneseo as a double major in Biochemistry and International Relations. She plans to go to graduate school to specialize in gynecology and women’s health. She hopes to use her expertise in medicine to help not just women in the United States- but women across the globe.  





Picture1Nathan Turner

Host Institution : University of Washington – Luscombe Group

Undergraduate Institution: Louisiana Tech University

Nathan is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As a second-year undergraduate at Louisiana Tech University, he is studying Chemistry with a minor in Education and Communications with a concentration in Theatre. His goal is to become a chemistry teacher or researcher and work for a missions abroad. Nathan likes to read, play video games and watch movies.





Caria Evans

Host Institution : Georgia Institute of Technology – Marder Group

Undergraduate Institution: University of Georgia

Caria Evans is a Chemistry major at the University of Georgia. For the past six years, she has been conducting research. She plans to attend graduate school. Her research interests are in the areas of polymer chemistry and material sciences.





Lanae Davis

Host Institution : Georgia Institute of Technology – Jones Group

Undergraduate Institution: Salt Lake Community College

Lanae Davis from Salt Lake City, Utah.  She plans  to transfer to the University of Utah in the spring of 2018 to finish my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, with an emphasis in Environmental Engineering.  When she is not studying, she loves to explore nearby mountains and lakes with her dogs. She also enjoys snowboarding.




WP_20160708_011Sam McKinnon

Host Institution : Mississippi State University – Scott Group

Undergraduate Institution:Mississippi State University

Samuel is a student studying chemistry at Mississippi State University. His professional goals include earning a doctorate in chemistry, pursuing a research career either in industry or in academia, as well as teaching chemistry. His main focus is synthetic organic chemistry with a personal interest in materials science as well as medicinal chemistry.




Whitley copy

Whitley Ramirez

Host Institution : Emory University – MacBeth Group

Undergraduate Institution: Georgia Gwinnett College

Whitley is a senior at Georgia Gwinnett College, graduating Fall 2017 and majoring in Chemistry. She enjoys working in the lab and getting results. She hopes to be published in as many journals as possible. When she is not doing chemistry,  she loves spending time with her dogs, hiking, swimming and traveling to learn about new cultures.

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