Program Overview


CSURP is a program for undergraduate students, majoring in chemistry or chemical engineering, interested in conducting supervised summer research. The program is supported by the Center for Selective C-H Functionalization (CCHF), which is a network of 23 academic and industrial research laboratories at 15 partner institutions throughout the country. The CCHF is one of eight National Science Foundation (NSF) funded Centers for Chemical Innovation.

CSURP Fellows will:


  Engage in innovative, cutting edge research

  Interact with prominent leaders in the field

  Participate in a range of research experiences

  Participate in seminars, workshops, career planning sessions and other professional development opportunities

  No previous research experience is required

C-SURP 2018 Application Timeline

Deadline for Applications and Transcripts

  February 8th 2018


Deadline for Reference Letters

  February 15th 2018


Application Review Begins

  February 18th 2018


Notification period

  February 22nd – March 11th 2018


C-SURP Introduction and Overview Video Conference

  April 2018


C-SURP Kickoff Meeting

  June 2018


10 Week Research Experience at one of the CCHF locations

  June-August 2018


C-SURP Capstone Meeting

  Late August 2018

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