CCHF | Virtual Symposium 08

In October 2017 the CCHF held the eight in its series of C–H Functionalization focused Virtual Symposia. These events are aimed to deliver cutting-edge C–H Functionalization to a broad scientific audience. The event is broadcast free, and recordings of the presentation are edited and posted on the CCHF’s OPEN educational platform.

The presentors for this episode in the series were:

Regioselective Intermolecular Allylic C–H Functionalization of Internal Olefins via π-Allyl Intermediates

Prof. Simon Blakey - Emory Univeristy

C–H and C–C Functionalization of Ketones

Prof. Guangbing Dong - University of Chicago

Small-Molecule and Biological Catalsis in C–H Activation

Prof. John Montgomery - University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

Translational Chemistry

Prof. Phil Baran - The Scripps Research Institute

Over 1400 viewers tuned in to this symposium, coming from 29 different countries. The presentations were recorded and will be posted to our OPEN platform in due course.

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