CCHF | Virtual Symposium Series

The CCHF Virtual Symposia Series is designed to bring cutting-edge C–H Functionalization research to a broad expanse of the scientific community.

Scheduled three times a year, each symposium has four speakers, two from the CCHF and two from the broader C–H Functionalization community. Each presenter speaks for 20 minutes, so these are concise and information packed shows. The Symposia are accessible to all who are interested, either by invite using our VidYo portal or via YouTube broadcast. Questions can be asked via a chatbox and are read out by the meeting moderators.

At the first of these meetings we had nearly 1000 viewers, which provided for an exciting and engaging atmosphere, since then the audience has grown steadily with each meeting.

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These sessions are recorded and the talks are edited and made available online as part of our OPEN program three months after the live event.

Recordings of Previous Presentations: