CCHF | International Research Experiences

In 2013 the CCHF was awarded a Science Across Virtual Institutes (SAVI) grant from the NSF in order to build a global network of institutes and researchers focused on the development and application of C–H Functionalization broadly across the sciences. This provided the means to construct the Virtual Institute for C–H Functionalization (VICHF). More information can be found here.

An essential part of this program is research exchanges of the members of the wide array of institutes involved in the VICHF. Members from any institution and at any level are encouraged to engage in these exchanges, and those that have describe the experience as transformative, both in terms of their science and their cultural outlook.

Find out more about the VICHF International Research Experience for Undergraduate Students here.

Find out more about opportunities for research experiences for graduate students and postdoctoral research fellows here.