2013 CSURP Participants Overview

Summer 2013

The Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Program (CSURP), has been developed by the CCHF to provide a mechanism for undergraduates to engage in C–H Functionalization research and engage in research exchange experiences. This experience is designed to be beyond the normal summer research experience.

Students are encouraged to engage in collaborative research and discuss ideas with those across the Center. Participation in our weekly virtual meetings, getting feedback fro scientific experts from across the Center and being exposed to a network of student and scholarly peers provides an engaging and exceptional network experience.

In 2013, our inaugral year we had seven CSURP Fellows, from both Center institutes and beyond. This engaged ten different institutes and ten different CCHF faculty members. These experiences are not only transformative for the students involved but can strengthen connections and collaborative research within the Center and between groups and themes.

Explore in more detail each of the 2013 CSURP Fellows activities.