Jamal Musaev Receives JSPS Fellowship


Professor Jamal Musaev, Thematic leader of the Mechanistic and Theoretical group in the CCHF will be travelling to Japan in September as a guest of Professor Keiji Morokuma, to complete a research fellowship with the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

This visit will provide an excellent opportunity to strengthen the global connections being forged by the CCHF. Prof. Musaev will travel to Nagoya to interact with the Institute for Transformative Biomolecules (ITbM), led by Prof. Ken Itami. This interaction will be further explored during the visit of Prof. Stephan Irle (from Nagoya), to Emory on October 23rd - 25th.

Prof. Jamal Musaev, currently in Japan as part of his JSPS fellowship gave a presentation to the Institute for Transformative Biomolecules at the University of Nagoya. His talk highlighted the collaborative research being done within the CCHF to address the big challenges in C–H functionalization.

The ITbM are a big research Center in Japan embracing new technologies, such as C–H Functionalization, to streamline the synthesis of molecules of biological interest. The CCHF are forging a close working relationship with the ITbM to work collaboratively.

Currently two students from the ITbM are on research exchanges in CCHF labs and the CCHF plans to send a range of students to Japan in the coming year.

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