Graduate Student/Postdoctoral Fellow Exchange | Nicholas Brunelli travels to Stanford


One of the primary goal of the CCHF is to strive to understand and perform research that is not possible by a single investigator. The Center believes that the key to acheiving this is effective collaboration and one of the key mechanisms we are using to provide successful collaborative projects is student and researcher exchanges, providing members the opportunity to immerse themselves in their collaborators scientific environment and exchange ideas and methods.

In November of 2013 Dr. Nick Brunelli, a graduate of the Jones lab based at GA Tech, then working as a postdoctoral scholar in the Davies lab at Emory travelled to the west coast to spend some time in the Zare lab at Stanford.

His project revolved around gaining a greater understanding of the mechanistic details of rhodium(II)-catalyzed carbenoid C–H insertion and its impact upon immobilized catalysts.

Working with the DESI-MS equipment available in the Zare lab provided invaluable insights into the fine details of the this powerful catalytic transformation.

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