CCHF Postdoc performs a lecture tour in China


Dr. Cornelia Flender, a Postdoctoral fellow based in the Zare Group at Stanford, recently performed a two-week sabbatical in the labs of Prof. Hongying Zhong at the Central China Normal University in Wuhan, China, performing research and learning more about the research environment in another country.

During her stay Conny delivered two lectures about how mass-spectroscopy can be used to monitor reactions with a specific focus on how Prof. Zhong’s students could benefit from the power of different mass spectrometry-based techniques in the determination and identification of a variety of intermediates and decomposition products. This technique has been used to excellent effect within the CCHF in order to help build a more detailed picture of the catalytic mechanisms used in C–H Functionalization.

This experience not only offered an excellent educational outreach activity for Conny to talk about and spread knowledge about her area of expertize, but also for her to learn more about how labs operate in different cultures and the science that is going on in other countries.

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