2014 USA Science and Engineering Festival


On April 25-27, 2014, Tracy McGill, Daniel Morton, Monya Ruffin, Felicia Fullilove and two graduates from the Sorenson Group (Aaron Bedell and Graham Hone) represented the CCHF at the Festival at the USA Science and Engineering Festival, a two day celebration of science in Washington, D.C. The Festival was held at the Washington Convention Center.

The CCHF Booth had several interactive demos: (a) polymer demo, (b) two molecule building station using molecule kits and candy, (c) a digital interactive on a flat screen, and a visual gallery display of CCHF posters highlighting relevant C-H functionalization content and research.

McGill, Morton, and Fullilove also performed an explosive catalysis demo on the National Science Foundation main stage both days of the event. The demo was a HUGE success, with great attendance at each performance.

CCHF faculty and students thousands of people during the two day event. In fact, some estimates are over 3,000 visitors to the CCHF booth.

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