Elizabeth Bess | International Student Research Exchange


In June 2014 Elizabeth Bess, a graduate student from the Sigman Lab at the University of Utah, part of the CCHF, travelled to Basel, Switzerland to work in the labs of Novartis.

Ellizabeths work revolved around the application of Design of Experiments principles and multivariate analysis to guide the design and evolution of protein active sites.

Elizabeth spent six months working in the labs at Novartis.

In her own words:

“Stepping outside of my cultural and scientific comfort zone was extremely rewarding. Performing new science techniques and thinking about different problems with a new perspective renewed my love of science. It was very exciting to expand my concept of science and the dynamics of research in a pharmaceutical industry. While I learned many things from my colleagues, I was also able to share my expertise with them. We’ve formed a long-term collaboration that I expect will extend beyond my time as a PhD student. This experience was the most rewarding of my life!”

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