C–H Functionalization Short Course delivered to the CCHF


Prof. Davies delivered an overview of the current state-of-the-art of C–H Functionalization to interested CCHF members this fall.

Building from a recently developed course entitled “Recent Advances in C–H Functionalization”, Prof. Davies delivered eight 90 minute lectures over ten weeks surveying the field.

While the lectures were delivered at Emory University, they were broadcast to the entire CCHF using our video conference platform, VidYo. This way students from all of our academic institutes could tune in and ask questions. Furthermore, one of our industrial partners attended the course, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research.

At any given talk we had between eight and twelve institutes logged in and often over 50 individuals listening online.

Each of these sessions were also recorded and will be edited into useful short instructional videos that will become part of the OPEN project the Center is building.

The outline of the course is below:

Lecture 1: Introduction to the history and the major developments of C–H functionalization

Lecture 2: Recent advances in directed C–H functionalization

Lecture 3: Recent advances in non-directed sp2 and sp3 C–H functionalization

Lecture 4: sp3 C-H Functionalization by means of carbene-induced C–H insertion

Lecture 5: sp3 C-H Amination

Lecture 6: C–H Oxidation and late-stage C–H functionalization

Lecture 7: Recent advances in radical and photoredox approaches to C–H functionalization

Lecture 8: Application of C–H functionalization to the synthesis of complex targets

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