CCHF Research Highlighted on Japanese TV


The Institute for Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM), based out of Nagoya University in Japan is one of our founding partners in the Virtual Institute for C–H Functionalization (VICHF).

The cutting-edge research and community being developed at the ITbM was recently highlighted on a National Japanese Television show on the NHK channel entitled "Chikyu (Earth) Agora".

The show focused on interviews with ITbM members and demonstrations to illustrate the impact of the new chemistry they are developing in the Center.

A particular focus of one section of the program was the international and global partnerships in which the ITbM are engaged. As part of this a television crew travelled to Emory University in Atlanta, GA, to follow Tetsushi Yoshidomi, a graduate student from the Itami lab at Nagoya University who was working as part of an exchange in the lab of Prof. Davies. The crew followed Tetsushi as a ‘Day in the life’ of an exchange student, working in the labs at Emory, participating in a CCHF-wide video conference and introducing the CCHF as a partner with the ITbM.

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