The Birkman Method


The Birkman Method is an online personality, social perception and occupational interest assessment consisting of ten scales describing occupational preferences, 11 scales describing "effective behaviors" and 11 scales describing interpersonal and environmental expectations. The analysis of the Birkman Method is designed to provide insight into what specifically drives a person's behaviour, with the goal of creating greater choice and more self responsibility.

As part of each annual meeting the CCHF takes the opportunity to run a more "hands-on" professional development educational session for the PFI program. This year over 35 CCHF members from across the United States completed the online Birkman Method and arrived in Atlanta early to participate in the interactive interpretation of their results in a group setting. Administered by Tamara Hutto, this session highlight to members how others might think and respond differently to different stimuli. It also provided some discussion about different career paths and the skills, aspects and roles that really appeal to their personalities - important factors for those coming up to making a choice about their future careers.

Location: Emory University
Number of participants: 38

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