Prof. Seth Marder presents at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Science Café


The CCHF sponsored its first Science Café Talk this year for the 2015 Atlanta Botanical Garden Science Café Series. The theme this year was the “Science of Light.”

On May 10, Prof. Seth Marder from Georgia Institute of Technology gave a lively, informative talk focused on the topic Fantastic Plastics and the International Celebration of Light.

The lively, highly visual presentation began with a basic discussion about light, light sources, electric and magnetic fields and the role of photons. The discussion then advanced to optical science and photochemistry. Optical devices, organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), and organic solar cells were also highlighted, as the results of significant chemical and optical science research, like the work being conducted in the Marder Lab.

A broad range of light enthusiasts attended the talk, from senior citizens to elementary school children.