Anton Toutov awarded the 2015 Graduate Student Innovation Award from Sigma Aldrich


Every year, Sigma-Aldrich highlights innovative technological and scientific developments through the Alfred Bader Award for Student Innovation.

Graduate student winners from within the United States are chosen based on the quality and originality of their research, with a particular emphasis on students contributions to the development of new reagents for general organic synthesis, creative use of current reagents in methodology or total synthesis, and the application of synthetic chemistry to develop novel tools for probing biological systems.

In 2015, six awards were presented to senior graduate students from across the United States, which included an honorarium and an engraved iPad.

Each recipient also traveled to the Aldrich site in Milwaukee to present their science to an audience of Aldrich scientists. An engraved plaque with the names of the six winners will remain on display at the site.

Author: Anton Toutov