Prof. Christine Luscombe presents at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Science Café


In September 2015, the CCHF sponsored its second Science Café Talk this year for the Atlanta Botanical Garden Science Café Series. The theme this year was the “Science of Light.”

On September 13, Prof. Christine Luscombe from the University of Washington – Seattle gave an engaging, informative public talk entitled Using Polymers in Solar Cells.

The talk began with a general discussion about solar energy and its impacts on the environment. Data and vivid relatable images were shown to illustrate the relationship between the amount of energy added by each individual in the U.S. through consumption and lifestyle (i.e., crops, cars, cellular technologies, etc.) and the need for more efficient, sustainable, environmentally friendly products and materials.

The over 40 attendees from a broad range of interests and backgrounds learned about the unique properties of polymer solar cells (i.e., flexible, lightweight, relatively inexpensive, potentially disposable) and the positive implications solar cell research and technology can have on their everyday lives and in the future more broadly.

Attendees also received an opportunity to observe solar cells and solar panels first hand, as samples of the materials were on hand for everyone to investigate and pose additional inquiries.