2016 Cambridge Science Festival


On April 16th members of the Movassaghi group from MIT and scientists from the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR) represented the CCHF at the 2016 Cambridge Science Festival Expo day.

At one of the largest and most established Science Festivals in the country visitors to the CCHF booth had the opportunity to make their own (candy-based) molecules while learning about the challenges and rewards of making complex molecular targets. CCHF members talked about how they think about negotiating the maze of organic synthesis logic and how sometimes you have to re-define the rules to develop the best strategy.

The scientists from the NIBR added an extra dimension to the excitement, by hosting a 3-D adventure in molecular space. Participants donned their 3-D specs and were immersed in the molecular world! Going from small molecules all the way up to complex protein folding and biological machinery the audience were guided through all the important features.

Another day of exciting chemistry that brought together the significance of making molecules and the impact that this science can have on biological systems.