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The CCHF Center in conjunction with our industrial affiliates hosted a networking session during the Annual Meeting on January 21st, 2017. The session included industrial professionals from Merck, Pfizer, Novartis, and AbbVie who answered questions and offered insights about careers in the chemical industry.

CCHF students and postdocs got a chance to network with the industrial panelists and gain knowledge about industrial careers. All the panelists have PhDs in chemistry, and some of them have many years’experience in the chemical industry. We had three sessions starting at 9:30AM, Jan 21st in different rooms. All sessions were the same format. They were categorized by different stages of students/postdoc scientific career development.

Session A:Undergraduates to 2nd Yr Graduate Students: Panelists: Drs. Charles S. Yeung (Merck), Jeff Kohrt (Pfizer), Mark Matulenko (AbbVie), Moderators: Caitlin Bridges and Jacob Burman (Blakey Group) Attendance: 18 students

Session B: 3rd to 4th Year Graduate Students: Panelists: Drs. Danika Rankic (Pfizer), Elizabeth Swift (AbbVie), Christine Hajdin (Norvatis), Christian Gampe (Norvatis), Moderators: Wenbin and Bruce (Davies Group) Attendance: 17 students

Session C: 5th Year Grad Students and Postdocs: Panelists: Drs. Ralph Robinson (Pfizer), Haz Malik (Norvatis), John Macor (Sanofi), Moderators: LaDena Bolton (Davies Group)

The networking session gave students and postdocs the opportunity to: 1) Ask career related questions to our industrial affiliates, 2) Network with some of the finest scientists from the industry, 3) Get tips about interviewing and applying for jobs in the industry, 4) Prepare yourself to be a competitive candidate for industrial careers.

Author: Lloyd Munjanja

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