You're the Expert with Prof. Cora MacBeth


On Tuesday 28th March 2017, the CCHF hosted the NPR Comedy show “You’re the Expert” as part of the Atlanta Science Festival. In front of a sold-out crowd of over 200, CCHF faculty member Cora MacBeth was grilled about her research, with the event being recorded live for future broadcast.

The premise of the show is that the Expert is brought onto the show as an unknown. The panel of comedians then through a series of games and questions find out more about the research and the researcher. Why is the work important? How does it affect everyday life? Why is the researcher passionate about it, and why should the audience be passionate? But in a very funny and entertaining way! The comedians who grilled Cora were Josh Sharp, Shalewa Sharpe and Chuck Bryant, with host Chris Duffy and guest score keeper Jim Burress, from the local NPR station.

Cora talked about the importance of developing sustainable chemistry and the potential impact of these advances on everything from new medicines to manufacturing processes. The audience, which ranged from high school students to interested professionals found out as the comedians asked the questions. Check back here soon and we will post the podcast for you to listen to the show!