Pfizer - CCHF Student Symposium


On September 14th 2017 Pfizer held the first joint Pfizer – CCHF Student research Symposium. Hosted at the Pfizer site in Groton, Connecticut, this one day event enabled four CCHF students to present their work to an audience of industrial researchers, learn more about the day to day work going on at Pfizer and enjoy time exploring the facility.

The following students presentated their work:

Caitlin Farr, Blakey Group - Emory Univeristy

Ru-Yi Zhu, Yu Group - The Scripps Research Institute

James Mack. Du Bois Group - Stanford

Amy Fraley, Sherman Group - University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

The talks attracted really good audiences, and the student fielded a broad array of questions and comments. The experience of an industrial environment was hugely valuable to the students.

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