Savita Sharma

Savita Sharma

Postdoctoral Fellow, The MacBeth Group, Emory University

  Inorganic Chemistry, Catalyst Development

My research background is in the area of synthetic inorganic chemistry. I completed my PhD with Professor Rajeev Gupta at the University of Delhi (India) in 2009. My dissertation explored high-oxidation state metal ions stabilized by amide ligands.

My first-post doctoral positon was at Emory University with Dr. MacBeth where I explored small-molecule activation and catalysis with cobalt(II) centers. In 2011, I moved to Johns Hopkins University to work with Professor Kenneth Karlin on modelling the active sites of various metalloproteins (for eg., Cyctochrome c Oxidase, Heme Oxygenase, Nitric Oxide Dioxygenase).

In August 2016, I returned to Emory University to work in the National Science Foundation: Center for Chemical Innovation’s: Center for Selective C-H Functionalization under the advisement of Dr. Cora E. MacBeth and Dr. Simon B. Blakey to develop new copper-based oxidation catalysts.

Center Activities: