C-H Functionalization in Organic Synthesis

Huw M. L. Davies, Justin Du Bois and Jin-Quan Yu

Chem. Soc. Rev,
2011, 40, 1855-1856; 10.1039/C1CS90010B


The Royal Society of Chemistry dedicated an entire issue of Chemical Society Reviews to the topic of C–H Functionalization. As guest editors three members of the CCHF were invited. Huw Davies, Justin Du Bois and Jin-Quan Yu coordinated the contributions to this special issue which covers a broad spectrum of the current exciting research being done within the field of C–H functionalization.

This issue provides an excellent starting point for anyone wishing to find out more about the details of C–H functionalization.

The editorial introduction provides an informed perspective on the state of current C–H functionalization research and the ways in which it can develop and grow in the near future.

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