Chemoselective Pd-catalyzed Oxidation of Polyols: Synthetic Scope and Mechanistic Studies

K. Chung, S. Banik, A. De Crisci, D. Pearson, T. Blake, J. Olsson, A. J. Ingram, R. N. Zare, R. M. Waymouth

J. Am. Chem. Soc.,
2013, 7593-7602; 10.1021/ja4008694


This collaborative project between the Zare and Waymouth groups, both at Stanford University, highlights the power of the DESI-MS analytic analytical method developed within the Center.

The Waymouth group have developed an effective and selective Pd-Catalyzed oxidation of polyols, however, the mechanistic details fo this transformation were not straightforward. It has required the insights provided by identification of fleeting intermediates, made possible by employing the DESI-MS method developed by Zare within the Center.

This collaboration not only highlights the way in which tools developed within the Center can be used collaboratively to impact the wider chemical community, but also the power of this transformation, which will be employed to elucidate the mechanistic details of catalytic cycles within the Center in the future.

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