Recent Advances in C–H Functionalization

Huw M. L. Davies and Daniel Morton

J. Org. Chem.,
2016, 81, (2), 343-350; 10.1021/acs.joc.5b02818


This editorial introduces a Virtual Issue drawing from over 400 C–H Functionalization publications hat have been published in ACS journals since 2014. This highlights 24 papers, putting their importance into context with the broader picture of the field and illustrating their significance to the C–H functionalization endeavor.

Seven general areas are discussed, while outlining other significant publications in each of these areas; Directed C–H Functionalization, Functionalization of Heterocycles, Cascade Reactions incorporating C–H Functionalization, Dehydrogenative Coupling, Allylic C–H oxidation, Group Transfer Reactions and Synthetic Strategies using C–H Functionalization.

This overview provides a great picture of the current state of this exciting field and highlights some of the recent key papers. In the Virtual Issue we have a synopsis of each of the highlighted papers, written by students from the Davies Group.

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