Recyclable Silica-Supported Iridium Bipyridine Catalyst for Aromatic C–H Borylation

Fengshou Wu, Yan Feng, and Christopher W. Jones

ACS Catalysis,
2014, 4, 1365-1375; 10.1021/cs4009539


As part of an ongoing program exploring the immobilization of catalysts used in C–H Functionalization to improve their efficiency, recyclability and application in new reactor systems the Jones group describe the immobilization and assessment of iridium-bipyridine complexes on silica.

Grafting of the bipyridine onto the silica support, followed by complexation of an iridium(I)-precursor provided an effective procedure for immobilization of complexes that have been established as excellent catalysts for C–H borylation. Assessment of the catalyst shows moderate to good activity with simple recovery and reuse.

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