Metal – Metal Bonded Compounds as Catalysts for C–H Functionalization

Kornecki, K. P.; Powers, D. C.; Ritter, T.; Berry, J. F.

Progress in Inorganic Chemistry,
2014, p225-302; 10.1002/9781118792797.ch04


The Berry group, in collaboration with the Ritter group, have published a chapter in ‘Progress in inorganic chemistry’ that discusses the role and potential of metal–metal bond-containing complexes as catalysts for C–H Functionalization.

The critical role that metal-metal bonds play in catalytic complexes has been demonstrated clearly in C–H functionalization, particular examples include Rh2(II,II) and Pd2(III,III) complexes. This overview explores comparisons between these systems and discusses the use of dirhodium, diruthenium and dipalladium in a broad variety of C–H functionalization transformations.

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