Expanding the Carbene C–H Insertion Toolbox

Daniel Morton and Simon Blakey

Chem. Cat. Chem.,
2015, 7, 4, 577-578; 10.1002/cctc.201402945


This highlight review discusses some of the recent advances in carbene chemistry, key reagents in the selective C–H Functionalization of C–H bonds and formation of C–C bonds.

The substitutents that flank the carbene carbond are critical to the stability and reactivity of metal-stabilized carbenes. This discussion highlights two recent papers that investigate the formation and reaction of donor/donor and alkyl substituted carbenes employing an in-situ method for the generation of the unstable carbene precursors.

One of the key goals of the Center is to help develop the toolbox of possible reagents and catalysts for C–H functionalization, these developments have significant potential for expanding the scope of substitutents possible in carbene C–H insertion.

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