CCHF Virtual Symposium 07


In July 2017 the CCHF held the seventh in its series of C–H Functionalization focused Virtual Symposia. These events are aimed to deliver cutting-edge C–H Functionalization to a broad scientific audience. The event is broadcast free, and recordings of the presentation are edited and posted on the CCHF’s OPEN educational platform.

This event hosted a stimulating line up of speakers, covering a broad range of the discipline.

Prof. Matthew Sigman, from the University of Utah, discussed how his group has brought modern data analysis tools to bear on understanding transformations in organic chemistry. This technique has had a significant impact in CCHF research, offering mechanisms to not only better understand our science, but also start to guide the design and predict the route of transformations.

Prof.’s Jennifer Schomaker and John Berry, both from the UW-Madison, presented in a tag-team format on their collaborative work investigating the factors that influence regioselectivity in silver-catalyzed nitrene C–H insertion.

Prof. Cramer overcame a few time zones to deliver a talk detailing his groups work on the development of chiral cyclopentadienyls, highly effective and enabling ligands for C–H functionalization.

Over 1100 participants tuned in to the symposium, from across 13 different countries. The presentations were recorded and will be posted on October 1st 2017 on the OPEN platform, with links below.

You can find out more about the next in the series at the link below.

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