CCHF Short Course delivered in France


Prof. Davies travelled to France to deliver a short tour providing an overview of C–H Functionalization, introducing the concept and core ideas and summarizing the current state-of-the-art.

This introductory course includes contributions from many Center members, who donated many research slides, making this a comprehensive description of the cutting-edge of this field. Furthermore the research and recent advances of contributions from outside the Center were described and placed in context to build a full picture of this rapidly evolving field.

The short course, which was entitled “Recent Advances in C–H Functionalization” was delivered at both academic and industrial institutions in Paris, Lyon and Marseilles. The course itself consisted of eight 90 minute long presentations, the titles of each talk are listed below:

Lecture 1: Introduction to the history and the major developments of C–H functionalization

Lecture 2: Recent advances in directed C–H functionalization

Lecture 3: Recent advances in non-directed sp2 and sp3 C–H functionalization

Lecture 4: sp3 C-H Functionalization by means of carbene-induced C–H insertion

Lecture 5: sp3 C-H Amination

Lecture 6: C–H Oxidation and late-stage C–H functionalization

Lecture 7: Recent advances in radical and photoredox approaches to C–H functionalization

Lecture 8: Application of C–H functionalization to the synthesis of complex targets

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