CCHF Outreach Presentation at Winthrop University


CCHF Graduate student Kathryn Chepiga presented a CCHF outreach presentation, providing an overview of the Center and describing some of her recent work including her recent exchange to Japan.

Winthrop University is an all-undergraduate institution in South Carolina. This presentation was to expose the students in the department of chemistry to graduate level research and opportunities nearby at Emory and CCHF schools for undergraduates such as REUs as well as unveil the opportunities associated with becoming a graduate students within CCHF.

Many students asked very good questions about my research and all were extremely engaged. They came up to me after the presentation and took pamplets with CCHF information and said that this was a great opportunity for them to learn graduate level research and they asked if they could have more graduate student speakers come to present there.

They also asked general questions about applying to graduate school and many now plan to apply to the Emory Univesersity Department of Chemistry doctoral program.

Location: Rock Hill, South Carolina

Number of participants: ~30

Author: Kathryn Chepiga

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