CCHF Virtual Symposium 02


In July 2015 the CCHF held the second in its series of Virtual Symposia focused on C–H Functionalization broadcast to the broader scientific community.

To provide a balanced format of speakers we had four talks, two CCHF members and two from the wider community. Prof. Chris Jones from GA Tech, spoke about his groups recent work on the immobilization of C–H Functionaization catalysts and their incorporation into novel flow reactor systems. Prof. Melanie Sanford, from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor described recent work from her group exploring new strategies for the C–H functionalization of aliphatic amines. Prof. John Hartwig spoke about his groups work investigating the development of practical strategies for C–H functionalization reactions employing main group reagents. Prof. Jin-Quan Yu described his groups work toward novel ligand based strategies for C–H Functionalization

Building from the previous symposium in this series the event was extremely well attended, with over 69 different locations watching online, 16 from the Center, 7 industrial corporations, 16 other domestic academic institutions and 27 international locations overcoming the time difference and logging in from the UK, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, Japan, France, Canada, India, China, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Israel. It is estimated that over 1300 people logged in to hear the first in this series.

If you are interested in finding out more about the next in this series, please complete the interest registration link on the sidebar. We plan to hold these symposia three times a year, with the next one planned for January 19th 2016. Register your interest and we will notify of upcoming events.