PFI | The Future of Earth


On November 11th 2015 Prof. John Crittenden, Director of the Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems, and Chair in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech delivered a talk to the students of the CCE and CCHF about different perspectives of sustainability.

Prof. Crittenden’s work revolves around water sustainability, this talk entitled "The future of earth: developing the gigatech roadmap for a more sustainable and resilient future" gave an overview of some of the cutting-edge science being used to address some of the key issues of sustainability in modern society.

One of the key take-away points from this talks was that methods to encourage sustainable practice are not always obvious. Prof. Crittenden prompted a discussion with the audience to think about what could be some of the key ways that they could do their research in a more sustainable fashion, and furthermore how their research could be applied to create sustainable solutions to other challenges.

In a time where “Sustainable Practice” is essential it was a healthy discussion around exactly what this term means and how we can think about these things from a different perspective.

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