2016 San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering


On March 5th members of the Borovik (UC Irvine), Yu (Scripps), and Blackmond (Scripps) labs participated in the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering Expo Day at Petco Park. This all day event was the kick-off to 7+ days of activities intended to foster curiosity and discovery.

Expo goers who made their way to the CCHF booth got the opportunity to engage in a number of hands-on activities: explore the characteristics of macromolecules by making snow, use their sense of smell to understand chirality, and separate pigments used to make markers. These activities were used to described much of the chemistry performed within the Center and with close to 1000 visitors to the booth, CCHF chemistry was alive and well at the Expo.

There were also many great booths where you could find everything ranging from robots to solar powered cars. Needless to say, the Expo was a successful adventure.

Talking about science on a sunny San Diego day, what could be better than that?

Author: Maisha Kamunde-Devonish