CCHF at ASTC 2016


The Center for Chemical Innovation Directors of Education, Outreach and Diversity were invited by Jonah Cohen, Outreach and Public Programs Manager at the Children’s Museum, to give a presentation at the National Education Outreach Network (NEON) workshop which is part the ASTC conference.

Dr. Danielle Watt (Chemistry at the Space-Time Limit), Christopher Parsons (Center for Chemical Evolution) and Dr. Lloyd Munjanja (Center for Selective C-H Functionalization) represented the CCIs at this conference. The talk was 40 minutes titled “Meet the Elements” showcasing some of the educational outreach programs from the three centers present at the conference.

Dr. Lloyd Munjanja (CCHF), highlighted the power of the CCHF's technical virtual symposia in reaching a global audience. He also promoted the Organic Pedagogical Electronic Network (OPEN) to the 30 informal science educators in the audience. Though the audience is not involved with formal education, the OPEN initiative could be beneficial for the educators to understand the basics of organic chemistry and the approaches the CCHF is taking in changing the organic synthesis landscape.

Author: Lloyd Munjanja

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