PFI | Merck Lecture Series


In late 2016 our partners at Merck delivered a series of six lectures over three dates that provided a comprehensive overview of the science being carried out by the company. Hosted at Emory by Prof. Davies, these lectures were delivered to the entire Center, at all of our locations, with between 250-300 students attending the talks.

The speakers and topics of the talks are listed below:

  • Discovery and Development Of Innovative Synthetic Methods To Drive Best Chemistry
    Rebecca T. Ruck, Ph.D., Director, Process Chemistry, Merck Process Research and Development, Rahway, NJ

  • Merck Milestones in Chemistry: Medicine through Inspired Science
    Michael H. Kress, Ph.D., Vice President, Process Research and Development, Rahway NJ

  • Enabling High-Throughput Experimentation through High-Throughput Analysis
    Yun Mao, Ph.D., Director, Analytical Research and Development, Merck Research Laboratories

  • High-throughput Experimentation For Chemists: Rationally Designed Large Arrays Of Experiments For Solving Complex Chemical Problems
    Michael Shevlin, Associate Principal Scientist, Catalysis Laboratory, Department of Process Research and Development

  • Biocatalysis At Merck
    Matt Truppo, Ph.D., Executive Director, Merck and Co., Inc

  • Best Chemistry And World Class Supply
    Ian Davies, Ph.D., Department of Process Research and Development, Merck and Co., Inc.

These talks were a fantastic opportunity for Center members to host our industrial partners, who spent the day engaging with local students, discussing their career trajectories and the research they are involved in.

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