Synthetic Applications and Methodological Developments of Donor/Acceptor Cyclopropanes and Related Compounds

N R. O'Connor, J. L. Wood and B. M. Stoltz

Isr. J. Chem.,
2016, 56, 6-7, 431-444; 10.1002/ijch.201500089


This review from the Stoltz and Wood groups highlights the use of donor/acceptor carbenes as powerful reagents in synthetic strategies. Using either substrate or catalyst control impressive structure building reactions are discussed through their application in the synthesis of various natural products. Two main approaches are outlined; direct C–H functionalization, and the formation of a donor/acceptor cyclopropane that are convenient precursors to reactive and versatile 1,3-dipoles, setup for powerful cyclization reactions. As the understanding of these reactions develops and the arsenal of reagents and catalysts expands the application of this type of chemistry as a powerful tool in synthesis will find greater purpose.

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