Identification of Monodentate Oxazoline as a Ligand for Copper-Promoted ortho-C–H Hydroxylation and Amination

Ming Shang, Qian Shao, Shang-Zheng Sun, Yanqiao Chen, Hui Xu, Hui-Xiong Dai and Jin-Quan Yu

Chem. Sci.,
2017,8, 1469-1473; DOI: 10.1039/C6SC03383K


The Yu and Dai groups have established a program translating the knowledge and findings regarding palladium-catalyzed C–H activation to copper-based systems.

In this latest report they describe how a combination of monodentate, weakly coordinating directing group with an external oxazoline ligand promotes ortho C–H hydroxylation and amination.

This is the first disclosure of this approach in a copper-based system and significantly expands the scope and potential of these C–H functionalization reactions based on earth-abundant element catalysis.

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