Iron(II) Complexes Supported by Sulfonamido Tripodal Ligands: Endogenous versus Exogenous Substrate Oxidation

Sarah A. Cook, Joseph W. Ziller, and A. S. Borovik

Inorganic Chemistry,
2014, 53, (20), 11029-11035; 10.1021/ic501531g


The Borovik group describe their exploration of oxidation of a sulfonamide tripodal ligand supported Iron(II)-complex.

While reaction with dioxygen afforded an Iron(III)-hydroxido complex, reaction with the O-atom transfer reagent resulted in C–H insertion into the ligand skeleton to form an Iron(III)-alkoxide species, demonstrating the complexes capacity for catalyzing C–H insertion reactivity.

Investigations into the modification of the complex ligand shutdown C–H insertion into the ligand framework and enabled C–H insertion into an external substrate.

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