Identification and analysis of the bacterial endosymbiont specialized for production of the chemotherapeutic natural product ET-743

Michael M. Schofield, Sunit Jain, Daphne Porat, Gregory J. Dick and David H. Sherman

Env. MicroBiol.,
2015, 17, 10, 3964


Nature’s enzymatic machinery for constructing organic molecules has long been a source of inspiration for synthetic molecule makers. As part of the Center we have an extensive program that employs and re-engineers proteins for C–H functionalization.

This collaborative report from the Sherman and Dick groups reports the identification and analysis of a bacterial endosymbiont that has been identified to be responsible for the production of the clinically approved chemotherapeutic natural product ET-743 and related members saframycin, saframycin A and saframycin MX1.

These studies have provided a detailed understanding of the biosynthetic route for these natural products that includes a selective C–H oxidation. Future work within the Center will focus on exploring the activity of the enzymes responsible for this step and the development of a synthetically useful biocatalyst.

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