Preparing Future Innovators - Careers in Academia


CCHF and CCE graduate students and postdocs participated in the 4th CCHF-CEE Preparing Future Innovators seminar entitled Innovation in Careers: Academia from Community Colleges to Research I Institutions. The guest panel included faculty from three different types of institutions:

• Mike Nelson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Georgia Perimeter (Community College)

• Korin Wheeler, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Santa Clara University (PUI)

• Laura Anderson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Illinois at Chicago (Research I)

The panel spoke candidly about all aspects of their academic (and sometimes personal) lives. From the great variation in research and teaching expectations across types of institutions to what search committees look for in perspective Assistant Professor Candidates, the CCHF students in attendance learned much more than they expected. In fact, this session was one of the highest rated in the Preparing Future Innovators series.

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