Science at Hand day at Fernbank Museum


Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta hosted their annual Science at Hand day in November. Over 1400 participants visited the museum, from kindergarden children through to interested professionals, to find out more about local science initiatives in an exciting, hands on fashion.

The CCHF brought together students and faculty from Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology to help explain some of the core concepts of C–H Functionalization to diverse audience present here. Children learnt about organic polymers, given the chance to make slimy polymers of their own. They found out about some of the Natural products accessible through C–H Functionalization and their biological and medicinal importance, even had the opportunity to build some (edible) molecules of their own. They also learnt about the fantastic reactivity offered by catalysts, but with a seasonal twist, through our Frightful Pumpkin demonstration.

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