CCHF Virtual Symposium 04


In June 2016 the CCHF held the fourth in its series of Virtual Symposia focused on C–H Functionalization broadcast to the broader scientific community.

Each meeting in this series aims to provide a balanced overview of this field, in order to do this we have two talks from CCHF faculty members and two talks from experts in the field from outside the Center. The speakers for this session were:
Prof. David Sherman, University of Michigan at Ann-Arbor
Prof. Vy Dong, UC-Irvine
Prof. Huw Davies, Emory University
Prof. Sukbok Chang, KAIST, South Korea

If you are interested in finding out more about the next in this series, please complete the interest registration link on the sidebar. We plan to hold these symposia three times a year, with the next one planned for December 13th 2016. Register your interest and we will notify of upcoming events.

These events are recorded and the edited videos will be posted online in our OPEN program 3 months after the live event.